Christina Tervay, Owner of CMT DEZIGN

Christina Tervay, the creative visionary behind CMT DEZIGN loves building relationships with her clients.  In doing so, her designs are an authentic representation of the client and the business or work they do.  From Graphic Design to Website Design, Christina brings a cohesive look and feel to your vision for all the world to see.

Christina’s love for Digital Marketing & Design was formed during her college days at Western Washington University where she received her BA in Art, Specializing in Graphic Design.  She continues to be fascinated with all of the new technological advancements in the digital world as well as all social media platforms.  Challenges are welcomed in her realm, giving her the opportunity to stay up-to-date and informed.

Experience with several Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft ™, Tandem Computers ™, Hewlett Packard ™, and Weyerhauser ™ gave Christina the foundation for starting her own company.  She also earned her Real Estate license and successfully worked with some Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies to expand her knowledge of different individual and small business structures and their marketing strategies and techniques.  She has managed a team of wonderful business women and was part of a select prestigious Advisory Group within a MLM company.  Along the way, Christina was invited to become a Motivational & Inspirational Guest Speaker at several events.  Christina has also lead a successful Woman’s networking group and is also the Co-Founder of a large networking organization based in Houston, Texas.

In the world of business today, it’s hard to find someone as dedicated to their work as they are to their interests.  Christina is unwavering in her ability and her promise to deliver quality work and to deliver it on time.  If the services a client needs is out of her “niche” she takes great care in letting the client know this and is willing to refer business to others in order to provide full service to the client.

Christina resides in Spring, Texas with her supportive husband Will, her amazing son Ryan, and her menagerie of animals that include 2 dogs, a cat, and several exotic birds!  When asked about her business and lifestyle, Christina exclaims, “God is good and His plan is greater than my own!  I am truly blessed!”