Social Media Strategy Workshop – THE PLATFORMS

Monday, April 6, 2020

1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. CDT via Zoom

This workshop is portion of a series of workshops done by Christina Tervay with CMT Dezign that takes a deeper look at some of the most popular social media platforms as well as introduces a few of the up-and-coming platforms.  Through this discussion, we will discuss which platform(s) are best for you to market your business.  Whether you are currently active with social media or you are just beginning and wanting to understand which platforms are best for your business, this course is for you.

Note:  We will be focusing on these popular social media platforms – Facebook ™, Instagram ™, Linkedin ™ & more!

Pricing &  Registration

Regularily $297 — Just $47!

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Your Speaker

Christina Tervay, the creative visionary behind CMT DEZIGN loves empowering and educating entrepreneurs to take their business to new heights. 

Experience with several Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft ™, Tandem Computers ™, Hewlett Packard ™, and Weyerhauser ™ gave Christina the foundation for starting her own company.  She also earned her Real Estate license and successfully worked with some Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies to expand her knowledge of different individual and small business structures and their marketing strategies and techniques.  She has managed a team of wonderful business women and was part of a select prestigious Social Media Advisory Group within a Network Marketing company.  Along the way, Christina was invited to become a Motivational & Inspirational Guest Speaker at several events.  Christina has been a leader of several successful networking groups and is also the Co-Founder of a large networking organization based in Houston, Texas.

Christina resides in Spring, Texas with her supportive husband Will, her amazing son Ryan, and her menagerie of animals that include 2 dogs, a cat, and several exotic birds!  When asked about her business and lifestyle, Christina exclaims, “God is good and His plan is greater than my own!  I am truly blessed!”

Christina Tervay

CEO & Digital Brand / Marketing Consultant

Success Stories

Some of my greatest social media strategy success stories are: 

A client’s ultimate goal was to get Ellen DeGeneres’ attention.  So, I developed and launched a campaign for her that ultimately resulted in a letter from Ellen’s staff and an interview for the show!

Another client that runs a Risk Analysis company for the Oil & Gas industry did not see how being on social media would help his business.  We discussed strategy at great length and he finally contracted me to “test it out”.  In two months, his $5,000 investment earned him an unexpected $90K software sale!  This client recently worked with me again, and we developed a strategy that yielded the company $1M in contracts over a 2-week period as well as extreme growth to their social network and partnerships.

Some of my tips, tricks & strategies are being used by Direct Sales / Networking Marketing companies to train their representatives how to effectively promote themselves on social media.

Thank you and see you soon!